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dirt dress, corners, split, mono records, ep los angeles, lo-pie, 2013, lopie, lo pie, lo pie musicCorners/Dirt Dress // Split 7″
Mono Records
3.7/5 Pies

Recommended Track: Pressure

Corners and Dirt Dress have taken a gigantic collective leap with their split EP, sounding at once similar and distinct from each other. A lo-fi band can go either way when opting for higher production values, and the general consensus is that most bands deteriorate into formulaic shit over time, but Corners and Dirt Dress, by the strength of these two tracks, seem to be surviving the jump pretty fucking well.

“Pressure” starts of as a sort of fancy track reminiscent of New Order or Joy Division. This could be a club track, a sexy club track, and not just one that girls would appreciatively nod their heads to while smoking and thinking about art. The vocals come in on the third verse, just like “Dead Souls.” Almost as if Corners were saying to you: just take it easy, relax, and then we’ll give you the vocals. But they’re covered in a nice analog reverb so they’re pretty sexy, too. A far cry from “The Greatest” or “Sometimes.” “Pressure” rocks in a different way, cementing my belief that Corners are going to get big and make lots of money to be squandered on mind altering drugs. I bet seven dollars that one of the members of Corners winds up as an acid casualty because that’s all I have in my wallet and my bank account is 654 dollars in the red. It’s better than “My Baby,” which was alright, but ultimately just a less vigorous rehash of the bruisers they’ve done before.

I first heard of Dirt Dress through a review in the L.A Record, in which the writer name dropped every seminal 70′s artist I like from Brian Eno to Wire to Magazine and beyond. I listened to their stuff and it was okay. “Twelve Pictures” is probably my favorite song of theirs. With heartbeat drums and Gary Numan vibes, Dirt Dress are finally beginning to emulate the good English people they hold so highly. You can’t really call this garage. It’s more like post-proto punk, and telling a girl that you only listen to that genre is a surefire way to have you ask her if you’re gay, right?


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  1. Mark
    January 29, 2014

    I like Wyre and Gari Numan too.


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