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Cosmonauts, EP, lo-pie, 2012, lopie, lo pie, lo pie musicCosmonauts // Lazerbeam EP
Reverberation Appreciation Society
3/5 Pies

Recommended Track: Slower

Cosmonauts’ Lazerbeam EP contains 4 songs and a ticking time bomb. The mood is mellow, hazy, and distantly emotional. Starting off with a good effort and venturing down paths often followed by the odor of pot, Lazerbeam takes us to a wonderful resting place at its end.

Lazerbeam’s eponymous title track lazes around a cymbal-less one-handed floor tom beat. The song goes through a list of love’s heartfelt pains and pleasures, kind of like a Ben Franklin-style list of pros and cons for an introverted psych and doo-wop lover. The sounds contained within the track keep things within a mellow haze while a bright, but not cheerful melody comes in occasionally to keep us attentive. A dull, roaring, expansive rhythm guitar fills any empty space; a beautiful lead emphasizes the transitions between verses and choruses throughout the song. The singer gives a nice, but also lazed “ooo-mow-mow-mama-ooo-mow-mow” which sounds disaffected, but somehow also satisfied. I think he’ll make the right decision.

Lazerbeam ends nicely with “Slower”, which mixes up good writing, engineering and wild speaker-cone belching guitar feedback. This track really hits home that The Cosmonauts have nailed their sound. The bass is fuzzy and delicious. The chord progression builds up nicely and falls back into place obediently. Like other songs on the EP, this track is leaden with squelchy controlled guitar feedback. The jam seems nicely sweetened and thoughtfully constructed. Studio embellishments round out the song and you are left feeling like Cosmonauts are doing their thing exactly how they want.


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