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cotillion, votive flower ep, lo-pie, 2012, Cotillon // Votive Flower EP
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Recommended Track: Call Me Up

Self-proclaimed flower punks Cotillon are not the sort of hippies that go to love-ins to sit and play their bongos in the dirt. While their debut EP Votive Flower is essentially a breakup album à la the French New Wave, these kids can play. Cotillon was born out of starry-eyed musings in Elysian Park, the sort of place where Range Rover socialites clash with ergonomic bikes and organic coffee shops. It is a place the Mothers of Invention would’ve loathed. Votive Flower uses the guileless lyricism of bleeding heart musicians like Girls’ Christopher Owens to illustrate just how vapid relationships in this sort of environment can be.

“The Devil Lives on Lyman” is singer Jordan Corso’s lo-fi 90′s ode to his former residence and the coke happy girlfriend he lived with there. Second track “Call Me Up” is a poppy jab at gold diggers and their benefactors with an infectious hook and some great melodic guitar work. “I Wanna Move to Paris” is simplistic songwriting to the nth degree with lines like “Oh I really want her bad/I know I’ll only make her sad”. Despite the lyrical shortcomings, Corso’s strung out drawl is fuzzy enough that they don’t feel infantile.

“Votive Flower 1” is probably the most telling of Cotillon’s background aesthetic. Corso croons about apple bottoms and getting past first base, claiming “I don’t play football and I don’t run track/I ride a surfboard and I smoke a lot of grass”. Guitar-driven closer “Votive Flower 2” sounds like some of the lighter tracks from Ty Segall’s Goodbye Bread. Drummer Michael Medeiros keeps the cymbals crashing steadily as the song builds from mellow surf riffs into an epic instrumental finale. Aside from being a bit heavy-handed with the emotions and some kitschy one liners, this is a solid first effort from a bunch of LA kids lookin’ for love in all the wrong places.


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