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creeping ivies, ghost world, LP, dead beat records, album lo-pie, 2014, lopie, lo pie, lo pie musicCreeping Ivies // Ghost World
Dead Beat Records
2.3/5 Pies

Recommended Track: Dream Baby Dream

Creeping Ivies hail from Scotland. I wish they made more innovative or strange music à la the classic Messthetics compilations of the late 70s and 80s, but instead they draw inspiration from the classically accessible Ramones, if you played the songs at half tempo and took away the bass guitar. You don’t need to go to Scotland to find a dozen bands like this, and they’re all really fucking decent. And if you’ve read my other reviews, you know how I hate decency, especially in music.

“Dream Baby Dream” is their strongest track and rightfully placed first. With a catchy and poorly played tenor saxophone track, it’s evocative of a less demented Sonics, or X-Ray Spex after a few beers. One thing that’s for sure, Creeping Ivies have listened to a lot of the Ramones and Misfits as well. “What Would Joey Ramone Do?” is evidence of the first band, while their love of the Misfits is more subtly displayed in their blatant track titles evocative of cheesy horror movies, lousily played guitar, and sparse instrumentation. As an aside, Joey Ramone would probably do heroin and fucking die, of doing heroin.

Creeping Ivies would do better to look all around them instead of embracing the good, groundbreaking, formulaic music that came out of the US in the 70s. Use a little imagination. Push the envelope. It won’t make you shrivel up and die. It’ll just make you a better band. And try to starve yourself a little. It’ll do you good.


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