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dtcv, uptime!, unsastified records, lp, los angeles, lo-pie, 2014, lopie, lo pie, lo pie music DTCV // Uptime!
Unsatisfied Records
3.8/5 Pies

Recommended Track: Astros

Uptime! is a wallflower of an album; aloof initially but once baited with a little trust and intrigue, the gritty/witty beauty will be more than audible. James Greer, Guylaine Vivarat and Chris Dunn are no longer the subtle version of the indie power-pop darlings we once knew. Chock-a-block full of familiar, fuzzy melodies and fast blended guitars, each song has a few trap-doors and secret passage ways back to the 90’s that you can’t help but be delighted by. A slow-burning dazzle, take it all in and let each song grow on you like a garden of barnacles; a few rounds spinning this record and best of luck to you getting those suckers off. It’s an old college friend that will crash on your couch for weeks at a time but always stocks you up on your favorite breakfast cereal.

This record pulls from a slightly more obvious range than their 2013 release The Early Hour, with songs reminiscent of indie-titans Superchunk, and the Dum Dum Girls with some of Greer’s time in Guided By Voices dropping in for tea. Since their formation in 2012, DTCV (pronounced “detective”) have previously released three albums through Burger, Xemu and Mock Records with Uplift! being the fourth released through Unsatisfied Records (cassette will be released through Lolipop Records). Greer and Vivarat bounce between vocals about an even 50/50, with one voice you will eventually hear the other; a reliable and effortlessly whimsical combination echoing the system they’ve long had in place. Chris Dunn’s drumming is on point as usual, not overdoing it but making sure he’s not lost in the magic.

“Miley Cyrus Wins The Race” is the first single, which is no surprise—although (spoiler alert!) it may or may not actually have anything to do with Miley Cyrus. Other notable songs include “Early Alone” (possibly the strongest display of Vivarat’s vocals to date), “It’s a Stealer” and “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction”. We also can’t forget “California Girl” – a cheeky, brutally honest love song that is bound to be the soundtrack for the next romantic-comedy TV series finale. DTCV once again proves that there’s no shame in sticking with what you know when you do it damn well. Devour this record like the sonic 90’s gravy slathered comfort food that it is.


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