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egrets on ergot, no label, long beach, wimberly's shortcomings, leface, single, lo-pie, 2014, lopie, lo pie, lo pie musicEgrets on Ergot // Wimberly’s Shortcomings
No Label
4.4/5 Pies

Recommended Track: Wimberly’s Shortcomings

Egrets on Ergot is a bad band name, but that’s okay. The Beatles is a bad band name as well. A rose is just as sweet by any other name. Just name it fucking something, which is some advice that my ex-band member Andrew could take sometime this goddamn century.

Anyway, Egrets on Ergot are great. Melodic bass playing, evocative of good 80s goth and deathrock without the racial epithets present in Christian Death’s best track. “Wimberly’s Shortcomings” is a placid emo-ish song title, but the meat of the song is representative of the good, raw feeling of a late eighties deathrock validity. It’s all there, and the feeling is intact. It isn’t some facsimile, like a pale and wilted carrot from the Bunnicula series of young adult books. A rougher around the edges early Interpol. I’d like to see Egrets on Ergot live. I’d love to see a full length album.


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