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fine pets, no gaze, kennel jitters, tape, ep, lo-pie, 2013, lopie, lo pie, lo pie musicFine Pets // No Gaze
Kennel Jitters
3.2/5 Pies

Recommended Track: let’s get married

I first heard of Fine Pets about fifteen minutes before I sat down to listen to their No Gaze EP in its entirety. The bass line on the opening track “sides”, sounding as though it was plucked with a quarter by a moody adolescent, reminded me of a high school band practice. I respected the notable lack of tuning pedals involved throughout in the recording of No Gaze.

Fine Pets seems to function best when they turn a neurotic hook into a hypnotic drone, best done here in their standout song “let’s get married”. There’s a strange mix of sunny major key tonality and dark drug induced wandering, owing as much to The Association’s “Along Comes Mary” as early Joy Division blaster “No Love Lost”. The skewed staccato beat of “decay” brings to mind the aborted math-noise of the late Canadian act “Women”. But art is hard, and everyone gets their shit from somewhere. The measure of it is only determined by how well you cover your tracks. Fine Pets does it well, and serves up a sort of dissolution of post punk that melts into feeling tones and analog delay. In other words, something Steve Albini would fucking hate.

In its best moments, Fine Pet’s No Gaze E.P succeeds in provoking a sort of misty eyed 90′s nostalgia in me, and it grows with every glass of white port I drink while listening to it. The wavering strength of this collection of recordings makes me look forward to seeing them grow as a music making unit.


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