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456 Records and Primordial Sounds

Recommended Track(s): The TeleVibes – DMT

I recently complained to a friend that garage and almost all permutations thereof were totally OVER. He told me that garage will never be OVER because garage is PUNK, and he was right. Garage is evergreen and its reverberations will always be felt wherever there are energetic kids with a sincere belief in the organizational power of amateur hour rock ‘n’ roll. Case in point: while I’ve been bitching about the over-saturation of garage and psych bands in California, Boston’s been brewing up a small but busy scene of noise-makers still riding high on the West Coast psych wave as evidenced on new comp House of the Rising Fuzz. Even better, these kids are adding a distinct East Coast edge that delivers a well-needed kick in the ass to a genre gone rather soft as of late.

Regional comps live or die on the strength of their roster and the best ones are more than just a good listen: they’re a document of an ephemeral musical moment. House of the Rising Fuzz is both, making a strong case for the current Boston scene as one that’s ready to pop in a big way. Curator Ben Semeta (bassist for Black Beach, who have a track here) has done a good job selecting bands that are sonically diverse yet have enough common musical touchstones for the comp to play as a cohesive whole without becoming overly same-y. House of the Rising Fuzz really does sound like a scene, especially in the bands’ shared tendency for noise; a quality Boston underground music always had and I’m happy to find re-iterated here. There’s a deep, deliberate heaviness uniting the songs, even as they swing from spaced out psych (The New Highway Hymnal, CREATUROS) to straight garage (Miami Doritos) to bouncy lo-fi punk (The Monsieurs) to Paisley Underground-style guitar pop (Barbazons).

With a brief 10-song running length, there’s no room for filler on House of the Rising Fuzz. Thankfully, everyone’s put their best foot forward. The overall quality of the bands is high and the songs they’ve provided, all recorded especially for the comp, are uniformly excellent. There are of course a few clunkers, mostly by groups who really need to get over Thee Oh Sees, but no track is overtly bad (which is RARE on regional comps) and most are actually pretty great. Standouts include Midriffs’ ultra-heavy “White Washed”, the super bratty Nirvana-esque guitar crunch from Nice Guys on “Chips in the Moonlight” (dig those hilariously snot-nosed vocals), and punk-as-fuck Dinoczar paying homage to hardcore on “Cream”. The most notable track by far is from the TeleVibes who strike the perfect balance between jangly and heavy on “DMT”, the second to last and longest song on the record, and the best. Someone get these dudes to California ASAP.

You can purchase House of the Rising Fuzz via Bandcamp, but act quick because colored vinyl is already sold out online. Better yet, Nice Guys are in Los Angeles for the next couple of days, so pick up a copy when you catch them in Downtown tonight or in Orange County tomorrow.


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