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kim and the created, cassette, tape, lolipop records, lo-pie, 2014, lopie, lo pie, lo pie musicKim & The Created // Kim & The Created
Lolipop Records
3/5 Pies

Recommended Track: Get What I Want

I think I’ve been hexed and I think I like it. There’s something absurdly infectious about these four songs. Kim House’s latest release from our friends at Lolipop Records brings a sort of thick-sounding cycle of riffs carried by distinctly bare drumming. Every chord seems stretched to the last moment before the next at a pace that reminds me of staring at a spinning LP.

The beauty of it all is that its simplicity suits Kim’s vocals so well. It seems less premeditated, and that gives her a vocal freedom, with sounds that closer resemble yelps and incantations than what comes from the faces of American Idol contestants and me in my car (I’m pretty great at singing alone at a volume that nobody else can hear.) Her words, too, hang on to the rest of the instrumentation like someone threw a sloppy joe on a windshield.

The songs throw a pallor over things. It’s like I pissed Kim House off and now I’m about to turn into a toad. It’s actually a little bit frightening.* All four tracks have a cohesion that anyone can dig. At the very least, it’s a clever combination of sounds and it’s interesting. One of the few drawbacks of this cassette is that it’s short. It left me wishing there were more tracks to dive into, but that’s not much of a complaint. I guess that means I like it a lot. It’s dark and heavy and whimsical and catchy as fuck. Can’t ask for much more.

*Kim House, please don’t turn me into a toad.


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