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los craters, low tide lover, lolipop records, tape, los angeles, album, lo-pie, 2013, lopie, lo pie, lo pie musicLos Craters // Low Tide Lover
Lolipop Records
3.8/5 Pies

Recommended Track: Isabelle Waters

My heart was tied into a couple of nasty knots last week when I heard the dirt about LA-based Los Craters and their first full-length release, Low Tide Lover. There’s only a slim chance of seein’ this puppy released on vinyl unless there are any Lo-Pie lovelies out there that want to pull a Nancy Drew. Reward: 100 Pies. As of right now, however, the release is only available via cassette tape and digital download. Says the band: “The masters were lost by a third party during the mixing process and that limits our options. It’s a long and depressing story, but literally what you hear is exactly what came out of our hands and heads over the course of two days recording with Wyatt Blair.” Hearing that news for the first time must have 100% totally blown, BUT, I like that these dudes are in such positive spirits about the crap-tastic situation. As they completely should be – this full length is one catchy son of a gun!

With tantalizing back and forth blends of 60s psychedelic surf jams, twangy 50s rock n roll guitar licks, and a few pretty darn delectable harmonies (if I do say so myself) sprinkled throughout, Low Tide Lover is the culmination of a few tracks previously released on their 2012 EPs and a generous helping of brand spankin’ new tracks from earlier this year. It’s that California easy-going soundtrack that makes me weak in the knees over this glorious west coast state. I wouldn’t be surprised if this album played backwards had some subliminal message along the lines of, “California is the mother effing shit! Booya.”

The artwork for the release was done by a friend of the band, Jose Lopez aka Suedehead. Los Craters “asked that it have a sort of 60s-tinged debauchery in the desert kind of feel. Beer, women, psychedelic drugs, etc… the cover simply represents the things we love most.” No beating around the bush on that one. Los Craters are planning to release a 7″ single or split with another Lolipop band in 2014. Solid plans have yet to be worked out, but for now, we still got Low Tide Lover fresh out of the oven. The guys tell me they are hoping to spread their lil’ duckling wings and tour soon, preferably performing on a lit-up paneled floor. Perhaps even a glass topped swimming pool!? Party of the century.


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