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lubec, the thrall, like young records, LP, los angeles, review, lo-pie, 2014, lopie, lo pie, lo pie musicLubec// The Thrall
Like Young Records
3/5 Pies

Recommended Track: The Morning Beatdown

My girlfriend showed me this band last night called Tame Impala. Man, where the fuck have I been and how has it become this easy for people to just do that.

This band is not Tame Impala, not even in the same arena-genre-whatever. The reason I brought up the Tamale Poppies is because both they and Lubec have a timeless quality that is equally of a time. “Tame Impala sound like they could be from the 60s!”, a wild-eyed 22 year old (who doesn’t know what the 90s were like for Christ sakes!) will tell you over a cigarette at a party you are way to old to be attending. I can immediately surmise that they are of the now/a few years earlier than the now.

It’s a hard thing to wrap your head around. Bands these days have access to incredible recording equipment and sew their influences into the fabric of the music they create, almost to their detriment I think. Tampico Papaya is cool-ish…but you can instantly make assumptions, whether right or wrong, about them based on how on the fucking nose they do a John Lennon fronting T-Rex impersonation.

Lubec is immediately: “Pacific Northwest nightly drinker, the 90s were it, man!” They are the kind of band that gets together to play basketball in little shorts.

And that’s cool. But it shows in the tunes.

You could call Lubec shoegaze: long songs, hypnotizing guitars, occasional female vocal. It’s like that time you went over to your brothers’ older friend’s house and they put on Sonic Youth’s Goo and it made your little 13 year old brain do cartwheels trying to figure out what the fuck that was, but also kinda bored? That’s Lubec.

Don’t get me wrong, Lubec is for the people. Great swaths of people I know really enjoy this kind of thing! I just don’t have the patience for it.

Standout track has got to be “The Morning Beatdown”. It’s fuckin’ awesome, a real boost of energy on a record that could use a little more. Weird that with a title like that it’s the poppiest and most sing-along-able on the record. It’s got hints of Belle and Sebastian and Pinback, which are great influences to have as long as you keep that shit a secret and pretend your songs come from that ethereal great big muse in the sky, like every band before you did.

I guess the thing that I’m looking for out there in this wild world is a little less plagiarism disguised as influence and a little more fucking attitude. You are in a band, dude, get drunk and break something.


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