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Recommended Track: Hey California

“I was so heavy man, I lived on the Strand I was so wasted.”

California has its fantasies, real and imagined. These fantasies are frequently the subject of or motivation for musical expression. The aforementioned quote from Black Flag captured both the real and imagined suburban/urban dystopia of its day and in the process created a musical template that continues to resonate, perhaps ad nauseam.

Cat with 9 legs: Live at Golden Beat, the new release from MAADWEST is that future realized, albeit more in recline than decline. MAADWEST’s California dreaming does have some modern day locals-only authenticity that gives it more cred than pretenders from elsewhere might possess, and their “you rock” ethos would pack many a college hangout in cities across the country. MAADWEST will have their followers but here in paradise, where you’re likely to break an ankle tripping over the many serviceable rock/punk bands trolling the streets, MAADWEST doesn’t stand out despite the skills in which they use all the rock conventions.

MAADWEST has an above grade point average in sloppy power pop (“People Around Me”), 70s boogie (“Howl”), and they got an A+ in the punk 101 class (“No Kitty Life”), and of course, outside of the water, what says locals-only more than a punk song called “Skateboarding.” Even my favorite track “Hey California”, included the kitchen sink.

If I stumbled upon MAADWEST in a crowded bar outside of California, I’d probably be talking to likeminded pals at the water cooler on Monday about the great show I saw on Saturday night. Sadly, despite some promise, sitting alone in Los Angeles listening to MAADWEST’s “live” studio show didn’t do it for me.


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