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Meat Market // Meat Market
Under the Gun
4/5 Pies

Recommended Track: Don’t Surf

The first time I heard Oakland based Meat Market was early this summer when they supported FIDLAR at San Francisco’s Bottom of the Hill. I’m not sure what I was expecting that night, but certainly not a band whose album would soundtrack the rest of my summer. Meat Market’s self-titled cassette, and now LP, has qualities that are part lo-fi, part surf, and part stripped-down rock n’ roll.

Arguably the most addicting track is “Don’t Surf” which features the hooky refrain: “I’m from California and I don’t surf.” These kinds of simple and satisfying statements dominate most of the album’s lyrics, making the songs worthy of becoming anthems of sorts for a gal like myself, and plenty of other Californians I’m sure, who, in fact, cannot surf. The basic layered guitar riffs on this track only heighten how catchy the tune is.

A notable track is “B&E BBQ”. I’ll be honest in that I have no idea what Meat Market is singing about in this song. However, it doesn’t really matter what they’re saying, but rather the overall feeling they convey. Music isn’t always about its literal meanings, but more about how it makes you feel. “B&E BBQ” is nostalgic, a little sad, and worthy of a slow twist.

Released on Under the Gun, Meat Market’s cassette is available in limited numbers of 75 red tapes and 175 black tapes. The LP is limited to 500 copies.


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