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melted, ziptripper, burger records, lolipop records, tape, ep, los angeles, lo-pie, 2014, lopie, lo pie, lo pie music Melted // ZIPTRIPPER
Burger/Lolipop Records
2.6/5 Pies

Recommended Track: Still Waiting

If Southern California were a country of its own, its music scene could be divided into two kingdoms: Burger Records in the south, dominating Orange County for nearly a decade, and Lolipop Records in the north, quickly maximizing its reign over Los Angeles for the last few years. Newcomers may find it difficult to choose between the appetizing monikers, and simply enter the kingdom asking the question: “Why not have it all?” This is the mindset of Orange County via Corona rockers Melted, who just released their debut tape ZIPTRIPPER on both Burger Records and Lolipop Records.

Clocking in at just under fifteen minutes, ZIPTRIPPER packs a mean punch. Musically, the band calls for a good time, and almost commands their listeners to get up and dance (or at least jump in the pit.) It’s quite clear that these guys are fans of all the same bands that grace our record players and their music is highly reminiscent of southern Californian staples such as Together Pangea, Audacity, and FIDLAR. However, it’s Melted’s lyrics that set them apart from the slew of garage-psych-punk hybrids that seem to pop up in DIY venues almost daily. Underneath all the shredding, lead singer Justin Eckley shouts about the mistakes, loneliness, and general angst that comes along with navigating the world as a young adult. On “Pepper and Milk,” he mourns a lost love, telling the listener: “I’ve got it written on my wrists that you’re never coming home.” On closer “Makeshift,” he reminds fellow members of the broken hearts club that “you can’t kiss the cheek of a loveless face.”

ZIPTRIPPER lacks a bit of the magic of the aforementioned artists, but Melted has already mastered the art of combining mosh-friendly tunes with meaningful lyrics, a key formula in ensuring a “Dude, this is so tight!” response from their listeners. A few days from the time of writing, they’ll play at Burgerama Four, and continue to take over the world (or at least the region) with their take on an oh-so-familiar sound that music lovers in LA and OC have come to know, love, and replicate.


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