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neighborhood brats, recovery, deranged records, LP, album, los angeles, review, lo-pie, 2014, lopie, lo pie, lo pie musicNeighborhood Brats// Recovery
Deranged Records
3.8/5 Pies

Recommended Track: 50 Shades of Fuck You

San Francisco turned Los Angeles band Neighborhood Brats are overwhelmingly angry in all of the right ways. Despite the fairly passive title of their latest LP release Recovery, the tracks within possess all of the necessary ingredients for an authentically good punk album: an impassioned cause against social disparity, brutally stinging lyrics (including a healthy dose of the word “fuck”), precise drumming, and violently intense bass and guitar. With Recovery, the Brats easily continue the longstanding tradition of punk rock bands to come out of Southern California and the Bay Area.

Vocalist Jenny Angelillo isn’t afraid to declare a new era in the fiery opener “Year of the Brat”: “I’m taking back what’s mine / I just want to live my life.” Her spirited temper immediately sets the tone for rest of the album, angst and viscious energy being the norm on “Boys For 20 Years”, “Complete Mess”, and “One Wasted Year”. It all culminates in the highlight of the album, “50 Shades Of Fuck You”, the perfect anthem for a new generation of self-empowered kids looking past the bullshit of expectation. Anti-yuppie “We Lost Control” continues the social commentary, a scathing critique of the growing social schism and rapidly increasing gentrification of California. Angelillo takes a break for the instrumental track “Escape the City”, before the Brats finish the rest of the album with the same veracity it began with.

While Recovery proves to be reasonably formulaic, it’s an extremely fun album to listen to, and includes all of the serious undertones you’d expect from a punk rock creation. Canadian label Deranged Records continues to release quality punk from around the world, and Recovery is no exception. Be sure to check out their catalogue for Recovery, available now in the United States.


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