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No Label

Recommended Track(s): Patient

Noyes is made up of three young musicians from Lawndale, California with talents that far exceed their years. Made up of Kermit Obert on lead vocals and guitar, Daniel Garcia on supporting vocals and bass and Ian Fahrenreich on drums, NOYES is a trifecta that proves true the old adage that sometimes less is more. They have already begun making headway in the L.A. music scene, however, they differ significantly from their more up-beat chill-vibed counterparts.

Maybe it’s my ignorance but I haven’t heard a lot of new bands fusing grunge rock and Fugazi-like post-hardcore punk aesthetics. NOYES’ sophomore EP, Relapse, is a six-song compilation that blends the two. Opener, “Relapse”, screeches like the Black Keys’ “Lonely Boy” but goes for a grungier guitar reverberation rather than a bluesy one. Kermit’s vocals are assertive, amplified by Ian’s intense drum rolls. It’s a short rush of adrenaline that speeds through your veins and gets your heart racing for more.

Can we fast-forward to the guitar break in “Burds and Bees” real quick? It snakes in and out on some whimsical Arabian melodies that reminded me of CKY’s “Lost in a Contraption”. This song could easily be featured in a skate video from the early 2000s. Two of my favorite songs off of the EP are “Something About You” and “Patient”. No matter what style of music you’re into, a good love song is hard to pass up and “Something About You” is dark and romantic and has an eerie Nirvana feel to it. “Patient” is the thrasher tour-de-force of the entire EP. It’s heavy, fast and loaded with aggression. It really takes a page out of the hardcore punk catalogue of the 80s and paints such a picture of epic mosh pits and sweaty underground shows.

NOYES is such a great example of why you should never underestimate bands you’ve seen at house parties or small clubs. These guys are definitely on to some amazing things and I just hope they remain true to their sound and always make a fuck ton of noyes.


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