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pores, in three colors, sunstar records, Album, lo-pie, 2014, lopie, lo pie, lo pie music Pores // In Three Colors
Sunstar Records
2.75/5 Pies

Recommended Track: Outro/21st Century N8

A common fallacy among music critics is to assume that the artists, particularly contemporary or younger ones who create what is heard, share the same context of seemingly obvious influences on their work.

That’s not the case with Pores a young band from Orange County, as evidenced by the cheeky song title references to the Buzzcocks and Love & Rockets. Cheekiness aside, the influences most apparent to me throughout In Three Colors, the Pores’ newest release on Sunstar Records, is the moody post punk of Love & Rockets predecessor Bauhaus, and OC punk stalwarts TSOL.

Aurally, In Three Colors has merit. “Harmony in yr Bathroom” has an early 90’s vibe with some tuff sounding guitar, while “Baby Hurt Group” has a sleepy laconic groove (I liked revisited better.) However, despite showing potential as a band, my concern with Pores is not with their vibe or sound, which have their moments, but with a collective lack of drama and sense of purpose that kept me from wanting more. In short I got bored.

The two exceptions would be “Pinksock Powerhouse”, and “Outro/21st Century N8.” The power of “Pinksock Powerhouse” to elicit a lips pursed head bopping reaction is what I wanted more of. “Outro/21st Century N8″ is to my ears the best track. It’s moody drama builds from a simple droning bass into a psychedelic groove that sounds both retro and contemporary, its lyrics a call to action, the riff heavy yet still pretty, the guitar a perfect fit.

Twelve songs may be a bit ambitious for Pores this time around. It’s not easy to create drama within the confines of a pop song, but if Pores can improve in this area their next LP could be one to eagerly anticipate.


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