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soft shadows, reverb is for lovers, neon sigh, review, LP, album, lo-pie, 2013, lopie, lo pie, lo pie musicSoft Shadows // Reverb is for Lovers
Neon Sigh
3/5 Pies

Recommended Track: War Theater

A constant presence of sun, sand and waves leaves most Southern Californians in an everlasting summer daze. So much so that a transition to jacket weather, grey clouds and pumpkin spice lattes can seem more than a natural result from seasonal change.

We can now thank Portland, Oregon’s Soft Shadows for their new album Reverb is for Lovers, which can put any sun-loving hippie into the mindset of a beanie-clad, flannel wearing coffee drinker.

The three-piece group takes the rainy Portland environment and infuses it into dreamy songs with hints of gloom and darkness. Each song is driven by psychedelic reverbed guitar as the group embraces electro noise with v-drums and post punk keyboards that could even pass for alternative new wave.

While each track sounds like a walk through damp dead leaves, “War Theatre” exudes blankets of grey clouds. It evokes that feeling you get when it’s freezing outside but your favorite coat helps trap in body heat, making the walk more bearable and even pleasant.

Surf guitars doused in reverb call on beach influences, but are calmed down with soft vocals and a steady pitter-patter of electric beats in “A Soft Night.” The reverb intensifies, only to make way for simplistic, melodic guitar solos.

With other song titles, like “Love is a Dog from Hell” and “Cheap Signals,” an overlying theme of gloom takes over. However, the music, while still dark and moody, isn’t depressing. It actually leans on the side of comforting and understanding, much like an old blues song from the Delta.

Thanks Soft Shadows for the perfect transition from a summer chock full of surf rock to an autumn filled with beautiful cloudy day music.


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