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Spaceships, Cool Breeze Over the Mountain, LP, Mock Records, Album 2013, lopie, lo pie, lo pie musicSpaceships // Cool Breeze Over the Mountains
Mock Records
3.5/5 Pies

Recommended Track: Cowboy Beach

Vocals so fuzzed that lyrics become noise. Guitar riffs that anyone can learn in less than a week’s practice. Beefy drums that dance behind simple guitar solos.

The debut LP from Spaceships, Cool Breeze Over the Mountains, fits right into the California garage rock scene. A dynamic duo, Spaceships makes up Los Angeles’ latest installment of garage rock, or what guitarist/vocalist Jesse Waite and drummer Kevin LaRose call bedroom garage rock.

The album comes complete with hints of high voltage shock waves, which call on modern stoner rockers Ty Segall and Pookie & the Poodlze, and laid back, extended three chord guitar solos. That balance of sleepy grooves and danceable hooks puts Spaceships in the right place and right time for eager hipsters looking to overdose on lo-fi fuzz.

The track “Ghost” stands out, mostly because the title is reminiscent of Halloween, which is awesome, but also because the song passes the defined two minute limit for most punk-driven songs. Poppy, rowdy versus and choruses come to a standstill during sleepy, yet catchy guitar break downs.

Another notable track, “Cowboy Beach,” starts out slow and muffled, only to burst into high energy vocals that turn into psychedelic, groovy jams. A freaky synth noise even makes an appearance, rounding out the spacey vibes.

But, hey, wait. They also have a song called “Gandalf,” giving a shout out to the old dude with long white hair from “Lord of the Rings.” The trippy rock song might be something that the wizard would be into, if he were high as a kite, of course.

Overall, the catchy songs didn’t initially make me want to rush to the nearest record store to purchase the vinyl. The band, however, did hook me on their simplistic approach. Also, the fact that the duo is made up of enthusiastic space nerds sealed the notion that this could be the next best thing that hit the LA garage scene.


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