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the mad doctors, fuzz tonic, doctor gone records, brooklyn, ep, lo-pie, 2013, lopie, lo pie, lo pie musicThe Mad Doctors // Fuzz Tonic
Doctor Gone Records
2.9/5 Pies

Recommended Track: Left Brain

Well, well, well–it appears we are fast approaching the holidaze here on Earth, and who doesn’t like to pass some time by decorating and constructing a delectable sugar-infused gingerbread mansion? I know I do, but only under the very vital agreement between all accomplices that the mansion will be demolished soon thereafter. Brooklyn based garage band, The Mad Doctors, released their debut EP Fuzz Tonic on North Carolina’s Doctor Gone Records last May after joining forces through the Garage Punk Hideout with Travis, head honcho at Doctor Gone. I asked them this very important holiday question, much more important than any of that other holiday mumbo jumbo like Santa Claus, gift giving, egg nog, and latkes: Who would you decorate a Gingerbread house with, dead or alive? Their answer: Hasil Adkins. “He’d probably drink us under the table, force-feed us fried chicken and stomp out some sweet lullabies while we lay helpless on the floor.” Yes, more than acceptable answer, Mad Doctors!

For just over a year, The Mad Doctors have been spitting out ferocious psychobilly blues twang-inspired tunes from their Brooklyn apartment. Marry that psychobilly earful to some primitive fuzzy garage kickers and you’ve got a hot helping of Fuzz Tonic. Adorned with generous splicing of old B-movie clips and quotes, mostly from 1950s sci-fi films and gross-out classics, the EP has more character than it would otherwise, and I dig it! It’s like a horror movie hillbilly hayride but the hillbillies are The Mad Doctors and instead of wagons, they are cruising a couple of swanky ghoulish hot rods. “Alive and Well (and Living in Leningrad)” and “Scorpion Queen” are more on the mellow bluesy side unlike the more upbeat crushers on the EP, “Black Magic” and “Left Brain.” 

These guys are hittin’ the road in early 2014, making their presence known through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and other parts of New York, “You’ll know our route by the trail of toilet paper left in our wake,” says drummer Greg Hanson.  With that said, there really is no reason for you to miss ‘em when they come on rollin’ through your town.


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