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numerators, suicide squeeze, seven inch, single, ep, lo-pie, 2013, lopie, lo pie, lo pie musicThe Numerators // Dead
Suicide Squeeze
3.7/5 Pies

Recommended Track: Dead

BK’s The Numerators are starting the summer off in a lively way with a new 7” on Suicide Squeeze. They’re known around these parts for quick, dirty songs and frantic live sets. This single, “Dead,” is a lot slower and darker than your standard-issue Numerators track, though. I wouldn’t normally expect their music to bring the word “lush” to mind, but it totally applies here. Over primal drums and oozing bass, the cathedral-sized guitar pretty thoroughly buries the one-note vocals for a couple verses; later, the track descends into a swirling mass of screams – after a while you can’t easily tell what’s a verbed-out human voice and what’s guitar feedback. The whole thing kind of sounds like a particularly nasty old surf tape played back a little too slowly. Cool shit.

Meanwhile, B-side “Finally Sees” is The N’s a la mode – big, mean and uptempo, with manic (and totally incomprehensible) vox over an evil bass riff; complete with a sort-of breakdown full of slapbacked shreds of pick noise, it’s in and out under two minutes. Music to break things to (in a totally positive way tho.) Like all the best jams, the Numerators’ fast ones induce motion, so don’t listen to it sitting down (that’s an amateur move, brah.)


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