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Recommended Track: I Left My Room

With SXSW fast approaching and the 8th annual Psych Fest going down in May, Austin is literally transforming into the American epicenter of all kinds of rock, including the latest pysch craze. And if you still refuse to believe that it’s actually a “thing”, just check out Saint Laurent’s predictably named “Psych Rock” collection.

But while the fashion world is ever fixated on the youth of California, fountains of creativity are flowing in the great state of Texas. Amidst all of the Texan bands vying for power are the Rotten Mangos, a lo-fi psych rock duo consisting of Cristian Sigler and Ramiro Verdooren, who released their six-track EP on cassette in November. For review purposes I have been provided with a crate of rotten mangos, complete with worms and all. The question: do they really possess some of the psychedelic potency advertised by the band?

Biting into a mango, the fruity feast begins with an eerie thirty second dream sequence on “Tent Rentals” before the track erupts into the band’s full arrangement. And with every bite the putrid things actually taste better. The EP undoubtedly becomes more appetizing with psych spectacles like “Krishna’s Throne” and “Jools SharĂ©”. There’s even the never-boring addition of keyboards on “Moose Knuckles”.

It’s all pure psychedelic pop with a lo-fi aesthetic, but more so in the style of Elephant 6 groups like The Olivia Tremor Control rather than some obscure, one record act of the late 1960s. There’s plenty of reverb-doused guitar and playful bass lines throughout the album, which are well complimented by the Doss-esque vocals of Ramiro Verdooren. But the highlight of the whole affair lies within “I Left My Room”, a nostalgic flashback to the simpler days of listening to The Apples in Stereo and The Sunshine Fix.

While it’s obvious that no boundaries have been broken, any fan of the genre will enjoy The Rotten Mangos. It’s definitely a cohesive and enjoyable listening experience. And the band has recently been picked up by L.A.’s ever-growing Lolipop Records, giving the Rotten Mangos some deserved limelight. Who knows, maybe you’ll see some festering mangos in Saint Laurent’s spring catalogue.


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