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the squids, douche douche babaganoush, lolipop records, tape, 2015, lopie, lo pie, lo pie music The Squids // DOUCHE DOUCHE BABAGHANOUSH
Lolipop Records

Recommended Track(s): Twiddler

DOUCHE DOUCHE BABAGHANOUSH is the latest Squids cassette on Lolipop Records and the wordplay in the title has the potential to conjure up both a slightly ditsy girlfriend (whom you adore) and a type of dip. Like fresh chips and grandma’s homemade salsa, the 10 songs on DOUCHE DOUCHE BABAGHANOUSH pair well with the endearing pet name you have for your sweetheart, assuming your love is free from cynicism and loves catchy riffs, well placed handclaps, jangles, and sunny taffy-like dissonance.

This simple endeavor is refreshing in its earnestness, a trait that makes the Squids different from many contemporary groups mining the same musical territory. The Squids offer and need no apology. The result is a fine pop album sure to satisfy the sweetest sweet tooth. Yet, as any dentist knows sweets have their dark side. The Squids are no exception. The album has an underlying sense of menace, not unlike the spinning hot metal contraptions found in many suburban parks of yore that once passed for a children’s carousal. “Hannah” is a rocker with nice harmonies, and some nifty guitar work. “Mighty Mouse” encapsulates the Squids’ overall sound, finishing with a pounding drum that toughens things up at end. The smiley face disappears completely on “Maniac Mansion”, an instrumental that’s main riff is spookier than on other songs.

Although I’d classify DOUCHE DOUCHE BABAGHANOUSH as a pop record, the Squids are not the Archies, particularly in front of an audience. If one must compare, my first inclination was to think of The Three O’Clock, a band whose long ago nod to 1960s psych/pop and boyish vocals are similar. Like the aforementioned group, all winsome boyishness dissipates onstage. Live, the Squids are tighter, faster, and harder. So go ahead and double dip. The Squids have made it ok.


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