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the squids, lolipop records, tape, wizard of loneliness, ep, lo-pie, 2014, lopie, lo pie, lo pie musicThe Squids // Wizard of Loneliness
Lolipop Records
3/5 Pies

Recommended Track: You b/w Me

Had this been 1964, the Squids would be opening to an introduction from Ed Sullivan and playing to massive throngs of wild and screaming teenage girls.

Okay, that’s an exaggeration. And unfortunately for the Squids, it’s 2014 and things just don’t work like that anymore. But there’s some good news for these modern day garage rockers. The Squids (formerly Heroes & Heroines) of Highland Park, Los Angeles, are beginning to make a name for themselves with the Lolipop Records release of their Wizard of Loneliness EP on cassette. Taking a cue from the British beat bands of the 1960s, harnessing the sun rays of California, and throwing in some bubblegum for good measure, the Squids have managed to create some clean and catchy pop tunes that are ideal for daydreaming on the beach and other leisurely activities.

Wizard of Loneliness opens up with the track “Twiddler”, a slacker’s ode to pining for better times. The tune moves along at an easy and casual pace, with whimsical vocals and a chorus that cries, “I’ve been wastin’ my time.” But things are surely to get happier for our wizard of loneliness, right? There are definitely some darker undertones here. Keep listening and you’ll fade into “Blondie”, where we get a faster beat, clapping hands, and a nifty guitar solo that makes for a cool little song reminiscent of the Nerves. “Drag” keeps things upbeat, introducing an organ into the mix of things and features some surprisingly high vocal notes. The highlight of Wizard of Loneliness however, lies near the end of the album with “You b/w Me”. It’s kind of cute, sappy, and worthy of dedicating to your class crush. It easily stands out from the rest of the EP.

The Squids, who recorded Wizard of Loneliness on an analog tape recorder at their Highland Park home, aren’t breaking new ground by any means. And their songwriting isn’t much varied, but that’s perfectly alright because school’s out and summer is finally upon us. When these times call for poolside lounging and long hot days of doing absolutely nothing, the lighthearted and sunny songs off Wizard of Loneliness would be a welcome addition to any summer playlist. Keep an eye on the Squids in the coming weeks as they’ll be releasing a several new songs and are currently recording their first full-length with Joel Jerome.


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