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total control, typical system, lp, iron lung records, lo-pie, 2014, lopie, lo pie, lo pie musicTotal Control // Typical System
Iron Lung Records
2.5/5 Pies

Recommended Track: Systematic Fuck

Total Control has been stylistically all over the board since their first foray into the music scene, and their new LP, which opens with a Depeche Mode-ish droner that clocks in at six minutes long, surprises with second track “Expensive Dog”, an early Warsaw-era Joy Division bruiser. Post-Punk may have reached its singularity on this album, with Total Control bringing to mind both Joy Division and New Order, Roxy Music, Kraftwerk, Bauhaus, Depeche Mode, and Tubeway Army in just one seventeen minute long song.

One can’t fault Total Control for being true to their source material, but the sort of minimal work they’re doing is best suited to three minutes. “Systematic Fuck”, Total Control’s Modern Lovers simulacrum, comes off the best. The drummer carries this one, the guitar and bass failing to carry the artless urgency necessary to pull it off. “Black Spring” starts out promising, but its length makes it near unendurable without the consumption of hard drugs. After peeling back all of the layers off Total Control, one is left with a small creative spark, some rich dads, and a large and comprehensive iTunes library.



  1. Tastemakerpolice
    July 24, 2014

    I guess John Dwyer just “decides” to do splits with bands who have large itunes libraries? (Jay Reatard, Total Control etc. . .)

    I give this review a 2.0. Total Control skewers 90% of the bands reviewed on here.

  2. Devon Rogers
    July 24, 2014

    I give your review of my review even less than that.

  3. Devon Rogers
    July 24, 2014

    And I give my review of your review of my review an APLUS


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