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Randy Records

Recommended Track(s): Everyday Killer

Uh Bones’ latest release Honey Coma, out this month on Chicago’s Randy Records, is nothing short of uh-mazing. Pardon the cheesy play on words, but I couldn’t help it—that’s what this music does to me. Seems like Chicago is churning out all sorts of magnificent audible chaos in Jumanji fashion these days. Between labels such as Trouble In Mind, Thrill Jockey, Bloodshot, Alligator and the aforementioned Randy Records (amongst others), there is an ample supply of tasty musical gifts and curses alike. While owning/operating an indie label in this day and age is nothing short of a risk, those doing the releasing are picking bands that need to be heard and wouldn’t be otherwise. The relationship between Randy Records and Uh Bones is no exception.

To simply call this album “psychedelic” seems like a cop-out; so much more is happening here beyond a black-light poster aesthetic. While the overall sound of Uh Bones could be classified under garage-rock/grunge, these boys managed to wrestle the Beatles and the 13th Floor Elevators into a blender and ransacked The Black Angels’ skeleton closet to boot. Picking out individual tracks on Honey Coma to favor or describe wasn’t an option; I was just instantly inspired to daydream along with it. For me, Don Draper doing shrooms in that dapper mid-century office of his came to mind but you know, you do you. This kind of right-under-your-nose talent was what major label A&R honchos used to scour dive bars for on the regular. The best part being that everything about this band is major except the label and Chicago likes it that way. So do we, and so will you, pinkie swear.

Uh Bones is currently on tour in a city near you! They hit California on August 3rd for an afternoon show at GnarBurger.

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