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They say two things in this world can make a person crazy, as well as productive: isolation and a broken heart. Autumn Nicole Wetli can relate, it seems—although on “I Still Go On” I think we’re just catching the fourth wind of her grieving, that crossroads where reality sets in and we either choose to accept or fight. Like a true tumbleweed queen in the style of Nikki Lane and Nancy Sinatra, Wetli accepts her fate—but not without having her proper say first. Stepping aside from her regular gig in the band Rebel Kind for just a hot Joshua Tree minute, Wetli shows us a more vulnerable side to her music.

With a slight twang hung with care on each note and lesson learned to show for it, Wetli pulls herself up from the bootstraps on “I Still Go On”. This uncultured pearl is one of two recently released singles for her 7” on Western Where Records, a new label specializing in jukebox country 45′s from the folks behind Detroit’s Urinal Cake Records. To make a country song sound fresh as well as alternative is no simple feat, but let heartbreak be your guide; Wetli embraces the West and bids farewell to her former beau like the dive bar/honky-tonk hybrid she is.


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    April 11, 2015

    You are right on.


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