by on Jan 17, 2014

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If Bart Davenport’s new single “Wearing the Changes” from his upcoming LP Physical World were food, it would be a juicy square of Bubblicious bubblegum. That’s how sweet and poppy it is.

When Davenport croons about reuniting with an old friend, or whoever this Mary Gold chick is, ear buds across the world rekindle that authentic 1960s pop spark that’s missing in modern music. Yeah, mainstream acts like Phoenix and Vampire Weekend have ‘60s influences, but Davenport nails it on the head. It’s got everything. Guitar tonal qualities, slight vocal echoes, sunshine keyboards. And it’s clean, but not too squeaky.

The best part about this song: it’s friggin’ catchy. I mean, if I host a dance party or two, I’m putting this song on repeat, for sure. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Wes Anderson got a hold of this track and used it for montage purposes.

The album will be available on CD and vinyl format through Lovemonk Records on March 4. Burger Records also plans to put out a cassette release of the full album. Perfect spring time jams, dudes.


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