by on Oct 10, 2013

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So when this band e-mailed us with the single off their upcoming EP, the subject line of the message was “Bicycle Day Berkeley Band,” which struck me as so sweet and singsongy and twee that I wanted to walk around all day saying “Bicycle Day Berkeley Band” over and over again. Alas, this band is just called Bicycle Day (kinda perfect for a Berkeley band, really, considering both the eco-friendly and psychedelic connotations) and their music is not at all sweet or singsongy or twee. Well, maybe a little singsongy.

“Vandals” is pretty straightforward punk rawk with lots of guitar, sort of like a more shambling FIDLAR or Meat Market–two bands Bicycle Day have played with recently–without the more overtly surf parts. There are a lot of shouty choruses and guitar solos in “Vandals”, but it’s the big pounding drums that take center-stage on this recording. The evergreen immaturity factor is there, too, if ya couldn’t tell from this classy temporary artwork. I suppose it’s a pretty good stab at the genre but for me, the fact that Bicycle Day are a two piece makes them infinitely more interesting than they would be otherwise.



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