by on May 28, 2015

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I know two things about Bonehead. They are a musical group from Detroit, and “You” the track reviewed here is very simple.

Simplicity for its own sake is merely simple. However, when it resides on the other side of complexity, having endured and shed complexity’s limitations, abstractions, and barriers, simplicity as related to artistic expression can be at its most insightful. The problem for me is that after My initial listen I found it hard to tell the difference.

For all I know the players listed as Alexandra Lee, Terra, and Matt, could have learned their parts by rote minutes before it was recorded. Or they could be accomplished musicians who, like a chef at a 5 star restaurant, know exactly how much of the right ingredients are needed; in this case a straightforward bass groove, plain but heavy drum, a tasteful surf lick, and the charming, ever so subtle off kilter vocals.

Musicians, like chefs, don’t often reinvent the wheel, but routinely go back to the basics. For Bonehead the go-to place for ingredients is apparently the attic, where perhaps there is a stack of records by Mitch Ryder, the Stooges, and Mc5. In the end I’m left to rely on the tried and true litmus test does it taste good? The answer is yes to “You.”

Although at only 1:57 the portion is a little small, stretched out to say 3:15, my palate would be satisfied. Less may be more but quantity satisfies hunger.


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