by on Jun 15, 2015

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For dubbing themselves Clumsy, these guys can play their instruments with some masterful competency. “Pisces Goddess” is a debut track to be proud of, with plenty of room for expansion to come. Described as “jazz band indie-pop”, that may explain some of their vibe, but because Clumsy has encapsulated such a vast, tight and galactic sound I don’t feel that does them justice. I may be close in saying that in the circumstance that U2 recorded Joshua Tree in their mothers’ basement (Christmas decorations stacked next to Halloween decorations insulating drum solos and so on) adjoined by a few illegal substances and accompanied by the UK’s Libertines, you would get the “Clumsy experience.”

The manner in which Clumsy have layered their debut track qirh sonic whimsy has me even more thrilled that all bandmembers are under the age of 18 because unlike so many, these cats get it. They probably recorded this album while studying for SATs and still managed to nail it without breaking a No. 2 pencil. Band mates Matthew Horton, Adam Wilson and Fabrizio Incertio couldn’t fake it if they tried. I haven’t even heard all of the tracks yet and I can tell you, if there ever was an album we needed to purchase with our own hard-earned money, it’s this one. Clumsy is the type of band that we have a responsibility as music-lovers to support so we can simultaneously assist the next generation of trailblazers. Keep up the stellar work lads, catch that brass ring. I’d buy you all a drink but I’d get arrested.

Concentration is out now on Death Records, and if you’re still not convinced you can catch them live at Deathstock 2015 on June 28th; they’ll convince you soon enough.


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