by on Sep 25, 2014

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Corners are a band that has basically done everything right. Their first record was lumped into the whole surf/garage extravaganza, which was correct to some extent. But then there were songs that sounded more like a distant Midwest punk had gotten hold of an eight track and locked himself in a basement to experiment with pop songs (in a good way). There was a level of complexity and layering of instruments/sound effects that stood apart from almost anything else at the time. This was only two years ago. Since then they’ve picked up guitarist Jeff Ramuno (of Jeffertiti’s Nile), a well versed audio engineer and bassist (Robert Cifuentes) and thrown one of the more epic Echo residencies of the past few years.

They’ve also made some definite improvements to their sound. On “Love Letters”, the lo-fi bedroom fuzz has been replaced with synthesizers and decidedly post-punk bass riffs. Tracy Bryant sings with the impassioned urgency of a young Julian Cope. In fact they do sound a bit like The Teardrop Explodes. The perfect combination of hazy keyboard chords and drummer Rick Mabery’s steady high-hats lends this track a sense of grim catharsis. Despite the title, this is not a sappy love song about heartbreak. This track is about progression; something Corners have quietly perfected in their little corner of Los Angeles.


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