by on Jan 21, 2016

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San Francisco-based Dinosaurs is a self-described “fuzz-gaze” punk project made up of three brothers and their cool Italian guitarist friend (Buongiorno, bro). With “Slushee”, the first single from upcoming album Human Condition, Dinosaurs avoid extinction in the ever-changing Bay Area music scene by advancing their production while also staying true to their garage punk roots.

The band demonstrate strong musical growth since the release of skater-boi hit “Sleep Aint True” from previous album Release the Raptors. “Slushee” is a classic example of the prototypical Bay Area punk sound: it’s hard, it’s grungy, the vocals are gritty. The production is clean but caters to those raw pop sensibilities that you California hipsters love. It’s straight-up garage punk, and I fucking love every second of it. These guys remind me an American version of The Hives or a poppier version of Kasabian; it’s a rad sound and definitely worth keeping an eye on to see what they do next.

The album art, featuring a seductive woman looking into a mirror and seeing her reflection as an alien/human hybrid while her male companion (who sort of resembles Alan Rickman [RIP]) looks on in horror, compels the idea of Dinosaurs moving in a new direction. “Slushee” is not as lo-fi as their past releases and this single might hint at what their future sound will be.

Human Condition is out on February 9th on Astro Lizard Records. Dinosaurs play their next show on February 25th at San Fran’s Brick & Mortar Music Hall. Go check ‘em out.


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