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Just when you thought the term “riot grrl” had been finally sapped of all meaning, here comes delightfully named L.A. duo Girlpool with “Slutmouth.” This simple and unpretentious song hews closer to the true spirit of the movement than any of the apolitical girl rock dusted in fairy glitter that makes up a depressing majority of female-helmed underground music these days. “Slutmouth” is sort of an anti-girlie anthem in a way. When Cleo and Harmony declare “I don’t care about the clothes I wear/I don’t really care to brush my hair,” in the chorus it’s a direct slam against the reliance on cutesy-ness to disarm criticism that I’ve been railing against for years (though I bet both Cleo and Harmony of Girlpool have a closet full of cute shit.)

Despite the very basic, stripped down feel of the music (think Beat Happening mixed with the Liz Phair demo cassette,) “Slutmouth” is a provocative song with a massive chip on its shoulder–lyrics like “Do you wanna make out/I heard you had a slutmouth from the boy down the street” and “I don’t want to get fucked by a fucked society” ought to give you an idea of what you’re in for–delivered forthrightly and without apologies. Okay, it’s a little solipsistic and maybe a little too wide in scope but who cares? By looking inward, Girlpool have come up with a song with far greater depth than one another “Baby, I love you” pop song. If you’ve forgotten what unironic anger sounds like, give “Slutmouth” a listen.

Girlpool’s debut record will be released on Big Joy Records and the band is currently playing some live shows in the L.A. area. See the dates below the tune.


February 19 – Live on KCHUNG radio! (4pm/1630am)
February 19 – The Smell w/ Wyatt Blair and Adult Books (8pm/$5)
February 21 – Lot 1 w/ The Electric West (8:30/free)
March 1 – Danger Daze @ the Mint
March 1 – Viva Pomona! Showcase
March 5 – The Smell w/ Peach Kelli Pop and Cherry Glazerr
March 15 – Threads Showcase at Almost Holden Collective (TBA)
March 21- Pehrspace w Heathers, Winter and American Culture (9PM/$5) shows

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