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Being the “girlfriend” in the band is never an enviable position but the internal strife caused by inter-band relationship dramz has produced some pretty good pop music at times. Or perhaps the past tense would be more appropriate here as it appears that the 21st century band “girlfriend” prefers the Internet to the LP as a medium for airing out dirty laundry.

Thus it is with Elizabeth le Fey, a singer-songwriter from Dana Point, CA transplanted to Olympia, WA, who records gazey folk under the moniker Globelamp. But you probably wouldn’t know that because le Fey is, at this moment in time, more infamous for her short stint in popular indie pop duo Foxygen and the long-form tumblr post she penned accusing one member of all manner of prickish behavior, than her solo work. You can read up on that dramz on music sites much larger and more well-funded than ours, we’re just gonna focus on the tuneage here.

Globelamp is a good name for the music le Fey makes. It’s sort of like a globe lamp. You know: soft and round, shedding an indistinct type of light that’s more accent than true illumination. The music is not fully realized but there’s enough sketchy potential to inspire a few apt comparisons. “Breathing Ritual,” the first track off le Fey’s recently self-released EP Star Dust, is a poetic bedroom ditty marked by lo-fi hiss, albeit with some very clear drums providing the anchor for le Fey’s earnest strumming. But simple instrumentation takes a backseat to Le Fey’s airy vocal acrobatics and fantastical lyrics, which come across somewhat like Cherry Glazerr on serious downers or, if you’re old, the knowing girlishness of Mary Lou Lord dressed up in Joanna Newsom’s hippie clothes. Heartfelt, feminine and ultimately very sad, “Breathing Ritual” captures a sort of in-between sound that’s hard to categorize because it’s so obviously deeply personal. To take a page from le Fey’s numerous lunar metaphors, Globelamp is at present a waxing moon–but perhaps this one will grow full.


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