by on Jun 16, 2015

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While we wait for the briefly resurrected Feeding People to play what is likely their last show ever at Lolipalooza 2, FP chanteuse and current Death Valley Girl Jessie Jones offers up a taster from her upcoming self-titled solo debut, a joyous tune about moving up and moving on appropriately titled “Sugar Coated”.

Feeding People are a heavy rock band, but Jones takes the opposite route on this spry pop song, which is lightly treated and has an almost folky tone…until the chorus hits. Whereas Feeding People trended evil, “Sugar Coated” is more like a tootsie roll—sweet and chewy and nice until it cracks your tooth in half. While the off-kilter melody and zany-yet-naturalistic lyrics have their appeal, the main show here (as always) is Jones’ insane voice, as crystal clear and powerful as ever. She has the kind of voice that’s girlish and old, innocent and wise at the same time, and there’s the feeling that she’s has found a higher calling now that she’s sailed away from the shores of her beloved Island Universe. In any case, Jones is no longer using psychedelic metaphors to skate around her intended meaning. “Sugar Coated” ends with with a victorious, heart-swelling chorus that nearly begs for a raised fist to punctuate each word: “Yes, you found my sound/ yes, you can kiss the ground that I WALK on, WALK on, WALK on, walk ON, walk ON!” Revenge never sounded so sweet.

Jessie Jones is out 7/24 on Burger Records. Pre-order it here.


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