by on May 13, 2016

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Remember that amazing House of the Rising Fuzz comp out of Boston that we reviewed last year? Of course you do, loyal Pie reader! And like us, you were blown away by how a small scene can be both diverse and cohesive at the same time, a legion of kids united under one beat. Boston by-way-of Laguna Beach (I know, right) rippers Dinoczar had a track on that comp, and they’re following it up with full length LP Sick Wind, due out May 20th via Basement Sounds.

We’re stoked to premiere the first track for you here. “I Lost My Head” is a true hard rock song, full of riffs and fills and all sorts of killer shit that’ll make you wanna bang your head and break stuff in equal measure. The band recorded it themselves, making this one a true born-in-the-basement shredder for fans of Sabbath, Fuzz, and Electric Wizard.


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  1. listener/reader
    May 16, 2016

    Apparently not only irony, but cynicism is dead too. What I dismissed as hyperbolic turned out to be accurate. About 1/4 in I began head banging involuntarily. I won’t question Ms. Cake anymore. Forever a soldier marching onward to the beat.


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