by on Jan 22, 2016

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Today’s exclusive song, “Sex Man”, comes from LA musician Free Weed AKA Rikky Gage (also of the bands The Memories and White Fang) and is taken from his upcoming BUFU Records release Things That Go Bump in the Night Club. Self-described as “a modern day Rimbaud with a medical marijuana card,” Free Weed’s new track is the perfect representation of Boston-based BUFU Records’ hip, crazy style and desire to do rock n’ roll their own way.

Everything about this song is offbeat and eccentric: the pumping synth layers, the repetitive 808 drum kicks and bass lines, the strange lyrics (“Can I come and hide behind the Sex Man?”), the intriguing album art with a dog (a golden retriever, perhaps?) sporting a pierced ear. What does it all mean? Is Free Weed allowing us to dive into his psyche and see a glimpse of the inner workings of his mind? Who is the Sex Man?

Though the concept is silly, “Sex Man” is extremely catchy and memorable. We’re excited to see how the rest of this EP plays out and what other things Free Weed pulls out of his sleeve (besides free weed, of course.)

Things That Go Bump In The Night Club comes out February 2016 on BUFU Records. Stream the song below.


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