by on Oct 26, 2015

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There’s nothing quite like the unabashed sincerity of the large-hearted power-pop song. It’s unapologetically over the top—those big choruses and bigger guitars banging away over booming drums, the almost aggressively hooky melodies worming into your ear whether you like it or not—but that’s also sort of the point. Power-pop works because it wraps complex emotions and situations in an uncomplicated musical grammar that’s accessible to everyone, its musical touchstones basic and bare-faced—the Beatles, Big Star, the Beach Boys. No snobs allowed.

In this tradition comes “Fake Palm”, a Bandwagonesque-esque track by NO WIN, the musical project of Danny Nogueiras, whom you may know from his time in FIDLAR, Tiny Lungs, and/or Brown and Blue. On this new single, taken from NO WIN’s upcoming self-titled cassette/Digital EP, Nogueiras channels the melodic snark of the Fannies as filtered through a distinctly LA anomie, the kind once peddled by Jon Brion, Aimee Mann and late-period Elliott Smith. Though “Fake Palm” boasts musical contributions from members of FIDLAR, Small Wigs, and Kind of Like Spitting, the pitch-perfect production speaks to Nogueiras’ experience as an Echo Park studio owner producing local bands such as Heathers and Post-Life. This song along with 6 others appear on a self-titled Cassette/Digital EP to be released at their October 31st show at the Regent Theater in Los Angeles with FIDLAR and Dune Rats.

NO WIN also have a free Monday night residency at the Bootleg Theater all November long.


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