by on Mar 17, 2015

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Three cigarettes into an aimless Midwestern drive one evening in 1979 might be a close second. Or perhaps, the taste of white pepper on raspberries and a lush lawn after running barefoot on sweltering July-kissed gravel. However it strikes you in memory, “Glory, Glory”, the latest track from Roses is, to put it quite obviously, glorious.

Many will argue any band is only as good as their producer, and having brought Randall Dunn back in to play for their second album seems to have done the trick for our favorite Seattle natives. Dunn pushes the band into rebel territory, guns and arrows blazing in a less genre-drifting sound compared to their debut album, Sun Dogs. But hey, let’s not unhitch our gypsy wagons just yet. While “Glory, Glory” has most certainly bathed in the Bogalusa, Louisiana bayou water they recorded it near, it still allows enough room for those keyboards and flutes to glitter amongst all the decadent rubble of slutty blues guitar and drum solos. That infamous “sophomore slump” that has plagued musicians for years is no longer an excuse with this 6-piece diamond-in-the-rough blowing minds so early and consistently on into their career. Anyone listening can put on the rose-colored glasses to match the appropriately named Rose Windows. “Glory, Glory” is the wink-wink nudge-nudge promise of more ostentatious and innovative jams ahead for this album’s May 5th release. Catch them playing May 8th in Austin, TX for Austin Psych Fest’s Levitation 2015; And Memorial Day Weekend in George, WA at the Sasquatch Festival!


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