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When you think of the glorious country of Mexico, the first topics that most likely come to mind include cartels, cheap margaritas, piñatas and a little thing we like to call “The Alamo.” Rock ‘n’ roll is almost assuredly not emerging in your Spanish word association–let alone rock ‘n’ roll being fronted by an entire female quartet such as the dark horses of Ruido Rosa (which translates to “Rosy Noise”).

Women standing outside of Tejano, reggaeton, salsa and pop music rings aren’t often well received in Mexico; something RR were all too aware of when they formed with aspirations of iconic bands such as Black Sabbath and the White Stripes back in 2011. With all four girls stemming from docile, preppy schools, they remained diamonds in the rough until they managed to locate one another in time and space, polishing off and leaving just enough grit to donate to their surging riffs and Led Zeppelin-esque flair. Carving a fan base and sub sequential niche by debuting at America’s own SXSW and opening for bands as diverse as KISS, Maroon 5 and Queens of the Stone Age, the good news of their notoriety traveled fast and wore one badass leather jacket. Gaining respect in their mother country as not only rock musicians but as female rock musicians (something often taken for granted in the US) is no small feat in a mere 4 years. But it’s no wonder really that they enrapture us so with their black magic chords; Alejandra Moreno’s vocals are reminiscent of a Latin American Alison Mosshart, sultry and empowered like smoke from a fired gun. Accompanying her is Daniela Sanchez on guitar, Carla Sarinana on bass and Alicia Emerson on drums—what happens in Mexico won’t dare stay in Mexico if we know what’s good for us.

Ruido Rosa play Viva Pomona this weekend. Don’t miss out!


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    July 17, 2015

    The author is right. Quite the accomplishments for this young band!!


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