by on Jul 22, 2014

super soaked, okay, portland, track, tape lo-pie, 2014, lopie, lo pie, lo pie musicSuper Soaked // Okay

Hail the two-piece rock and roll band, the stripped back and basic duo that hasn’t got time for an intellectualized approach to music cuz Mom and Dad are probably going to kick them out of the basement pretty soon. Super Soaked are one such outfit, a couple of PDX punks bashing out scuzzy garage punk with brevity and aplomb on new—and thus far only—song “Okay.” (See, even the title is to the point.)

Unoriginal and utterly unconcerned about it, “Okay” sounds like everything you love about garage punk already, and that’s why you’re going to love this. Though it’s not exactly lo-fi, the sound breaks up at exactly the right moment to give the impression of two kids banging out a song as quickly and loudly as they possibly can before someone starts thumping on the floorboards. “Okay” is high energy and fuzzy and fun and even more fun when you turn it up really loud, and it’s only 2 1/2 minutes long, which is the perfect length. It’s got all the appropriate parts in all the right places and a structure primed for house parties: There’s bit where you wiggle, the bit where you dance, the bit where you throw your beer across the room, and the bit where you jump up and down and sing along to nonsensical lyrics like “I ever know whoever knows/ I never know whoever knows/ You never know,” their soft-mouthed simplicity the perfect accompaniment to those three chords going round and round and round.

As ever, it’s nice to hear some actual RAWK coming out of the Pacific Northwest. Keep that shit up, dudes, and you may one day ride the inevitable wave of new noise that will come to wash all the psychedelic flotsam away.


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