by on Aug 6, 2014

terry malts, insides ep, let you in, track, ep, slumberland records, lo-pie, 2014, lopie, lo pie, lo pie musicTerry Malts // Let You In

If Death From Above attempted to cover The Ramones, you’d get something like Terry Malts’ latest lovesick single “Let You In,” taken from the upcoming Insides EP, their fifth release on noise-pop label Slumberland Records. Clocking in at a minute forty seconds, “Let You In” is jam-packed with the band’s signature hyperactive bass and jangly cymbals. Guitarist Cory Cunningham injects the track with slight harmonies and a few bits of clipped, ringing guitar that punctuate the verses like a high-five. Their take on British indie is super soaked in California reverb and teased at the roots into a bouffant of fuzz.

I’ve been a fan of Terry Malts since majorly crushing on their second-to-last album, Killing Time. The band self-describes as chainsaw pop, an aptly-put descriptor that has remained consistent throughout their discography. The good news is that lead singer Phil Benson’s vocals continue to hover in between spit and melody like a self-conscious croon, and Cunningham’s TRL-era guitar-solos are still catapulting fuzz-balls into the pop-punk stratosphere. “Let You In” is a locomotive thrust of instantly likable fuzz-rock that will surely keep this band in the forefront of the lo-fi litter.


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