by on Nov 12, 2013

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Submerged in the midst a 1980s new wave binge, my ears needed some solid blues sustenance. You know, the kind of music that started rock ‘n’ roll. The music that spurred every other popular genre we hear today.

So that’s why I’m thankful for The Molochs’ latest track “Chain Smoke.” Not only does it open up with a simplistic swinging drum beat and a Muddy Waters influenced guitar riff, but it also tells a common story of everyday pain and struggle. A drop in tempo during the chorus feeds the misery, making the tune more of a cure for hard times.

Even though this song isn’t exactly a delta blues recording from the 1940’s, with Lucas Fitzsimons’s cracked British Invasion like vocals and psychedelic rhythm guitar, it still feeds the need for music inspired from a time when instruments were stripped down and music was raw. Sorry Oingo Boingo and Tears for Fears, but it’s time to give the synth a break and dig deep into basic rock ‘n’ roll.

Be sure the catch The Molochs live, in person, in the flesh, like for reals, on Saturday night at the Ham and Eggs Tavern in Los Angeles. They are going to open up for Drinking Flowers and HellShovel, so get there early to jam out to some rooted music.


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