by on Apr 6, 2015

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This is literally my reaction every time I get an e-mail from The Yetis, a Pennsylvania garage band of endless good humor who continue to send us tracks despite us consistently referring to them The Oneders, because what else do you call a garage band from Pennsylvania?

We may have to stop doing that now as the perpetually upbeat Yetis have cooled things down considerably on moody new track “Mysterion”. The tune is taken from the Yetis’ Lonely Tandem Ride, an upcoming three song EP to be released this spring, and it marks a change in tone for a band whose previous songs were all warm jangle pop wrapped around head-bopping choruses about the allure of the West Coast.

The Yetis aren’t out to set the world on fire, even if they do constantly sing about how they wish it were warmer outside. This band knows exactly what they are and they know what works for them. On “Mysterion”, they stick resolutely to the retro-tinged, quasi-surf pop sound that served them so well on previous release Little Surfer Girl, minus the schticky lyrics about surfing in the snow. “Mysterion” substitutes romantic longing for the Yetis’ usual subject matter of longing for a warm beach, the lyrics circling around a hair-twirling, cigarette smoking, phone-addicted girl who’s “not what you think she is.” It may lack the sunny hook of “Warm California” but this straightforward mid-tempo ballad elevates its vapid subject matter with heartfelt vocals and some nice guitar work.


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