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Man, Them Howling Bones is lucky I have extraordinarily good taste in shitty classic rock. Many an hour spent driving the LA freeways listening to the Jim Ladd Show makes me feel like I understand where this band is coming from, which is probably somewhat different than where they think they’re coming from.

Make no mistake, friends, this ain’t no 60s garage rock. “Left For Dead” is HARD ROCK of the high cheese variety; all parts locked down and working in perfect sync, this is a long mean growl of a song led by a scuzzy, bloody riff and punctuated by requisite guitar solo and heavy drums. Though they skirt the periphery of garage punk, the only garage that Them Howling Bones could feasibly fit into would be Little Steven’s, somewhere between Alice Cooper and “Cat Scratch Fever”.

Actually, no. “Left For Dead” is not quite badass enough on record to merit a Ted Nugent comparison–although frontman Pedro Bones nails that Derek St. Holmes-style pervy vocal and the the band probably kills it live–but Them Howling Bones could quite favorably live up to the Led Zeppelin tribute band I saw last week (who RULED, you fucking snobs) or possibly even the Raconteurs, if you’re into that shit. Here’s hoping Them Howling Bones ditch the glum faces, drink some beers, loosen up, and come up with a real graveyard smash of their own because Lord knows we have enough overly serious hard rock bands in this world.


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  1. Marla Louise
    November 8, 2014

    I disagree-they are a mix of Zepplin & Doors! About time we get some real music although raw at least not pop or manufactured in a studio somewhere!
    Check out the rest of the EP or hit their EP release and see them live!


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