by on Dec 9, 2014

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Fifties rock ‘n’ roll radiates that warm fuzzy snuggly feeling that can kind of remind someone of, well, you know, cookies, snow and that dude with the red hat. So the decision for Los Angeles female-fronted rock group TÜLIPS to release their take on a Buddy Holly classic, “Maybe Baby,” in December was a smart move, indeed. The group keeps the poppy, dreamy aesthetic of the original while including their own electric twist.

The vocals are amazing, sweet and melodic. Even the backup vocals have that classic echo and ‘50s charm. The drums are simple and emphasize backbeat, making it totally danceable. And they even inject a taste of Los Angeles DIY garage sound with loud fuzz guitars.

TÜLIPS play a release party for the single tonight at La Cita with Sand Babes before heading up to San Francisco for a double header on Saturday and Sunday nights. You can purchase “Maybe Baby” via TÜLIPS’ bandcamp.


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