by on Sep 8, 2015

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You probably know Veronica Bianqui from any number of local bands. Most recently she’s been keeping busy playing guitar in The Blank Tapes and singing back-up in Isaac Rother & The Phantoms, but now the lady’s come out from behind the band with a message of doom set to an upbeat retro pop song called “If Love’s a Gun, I’m Better Off Dead”, taken off her forthcoming Lolipop Records EP.

With some droll lyrics clearly inspired by real-life (“I’ve always been a crazy singer/ Said, ‘Fuck suburbia, I want some danger’/ But you’ll put that ring onto my finger/ Soon we’ll be shopping for coffee percolators”) and a whole lot of sass, Veronica takes this Summer Twins-esque surf-pop twirler to a different level with some effusive vocals and a nod to the “no sir no how” sauciness of Nancy Sinatra as she protests against the mellowing power of romantic love to take the zip out of any girl rebel. Special praise is saved for the production, pitched perfectly between lo-fi garage and glossed-up bubblegum. Annette’s frugging in heaven the minute those “oooh ahhh” backing vocals drop.

Veronica holds court every Tuesday night at Harvard and Stone this month for her September Residency. Lo-Pie is stoked to present tonight’s show, featuring Rudy de Anda and Vox Waves. Lo-Pie DJ’s will be spinning 8-10pm as well. It’s a free show so come on out and let Veronica righteously break your cheatin’ heart.


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