by on Oct 8, 2013

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When freshly minted Los Angeles by way of Boston band Winter e-mailed us with a new video for “Daydreaming”, a song off a 2012 EP, the descriptors they used for their music (“dreamy” “gazey” etc.) were hackneyed but I love that kind of shit–which is why all bands that consider themselves dreamy/gazey are hereby advised to address their review submissions Attn: Mariana–so I clicked through to the video. Though I wasn’t too taken with the overdone, cutie-pie imagery of the band cycling down Venice Beach and running through heavily saturated fields of flowers, their sound was intriguing enough to lead me to their Bandcamp where I unearthed this pretty gem, recorded in July.

Winter also described their music as “star-projecting,” which is actually not a cliche though it doesn’t, er, make a lot of sense. That said, it’s not a terrible way to talk about the “The View”, a slice of celestial pop drama with twinkling guitars and lush strings (real ones!) falling across the song like a shadow and lending a slightly baroque bent à la Jacco Gardner and his ilk. The city of Boston did, in the 90s, have a moment where many bands cloaked neo-classical motifs in indie pop anoraks. It’s nice to see Winter reviving this sound, although things may change now that the band has set up shop in Silverlake. But since nobody asked me and also because I like them, I’m going to give Winter some unsolicited advice: While I’m all for bands making themselves at home in our beloved city, I would recommend dropping the “sunshiney” bit from your PR pitch, dudes. Every band in L.A. says they sound like sunshine. Be the band that doesn’t.

Also stoked to say that Winter is the latest band to join the Lolipop Records family, where their pretty pop will fit well alongside soft psych groups like Froth. Winter play their very first L.A. show this Saturday at El Cid with label mates Los Craters. Let’s cruise it and see what these kids can do live.


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