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Sloppy Jane interviews themselves about the band’s recent NSFW tribute video to Prince, filmed over the course of three days. If you thought the video was NSFW, wait ’til you read the backstory.

Who connects most to Prince?

It is 100% a confirmed fact that Prince’s last act was to purchase the entire Sloppy Jane and Loko Ono discographies and so he holds a special place in all of our hearts.

Who was involved & what were their jobs?

The entire project was really collaborative. My dad, Vyvyan, recorded and produced the song. He also played guitar along with my mother, Kathleen Adams (who also played bass) and my son, Sara Cath. I did a great job butchering the lead vocals while my fiancé Ember Knight (Sara’s other dad) played synth & sang the gospel parts.
The video was shot and directed by Sara and our great aunt, Travis Kaupp.

The video has some provocative themes – where did that come from?


How long did it take to make?

The entire process of recording & shooting took 72 hours. We started to brainstorm as soon as we found out.

Describe a memorable moment while making this.

Ember’s birthday landed in the middle of our process & that night at the party, Kathleen threw me into a pile of moved rods while shoving an ass-covered tampon into my mouth. It fueled my sensual performance.

Did you experience any adversity in the making of this video?

It was Passover so we are pretty sure we were smited for trying to produce smut on a holy day – as Sara, Travis, & I are Jewish. While we were shooting- fog machine going, lingerie all in tact, & mood lighting lit, a government official showed up at our door & turned off our water & power. So we all had to move our equipment (song+video related) to somewhere else with those things. We are supposedly too poor to make smut and or God/Prince disapproves of what we did.

Who is the man with the mustache?

That’s Ember’s manager. Funny story – we didn’t even want him in the video but he just showed up on set and whipped it out while we were shooting our scenes. We were like “Well, if we are going to be sexually harassed we may as well get some ‘likes’ for it!!!”

What are the phone numbers on the screen?

Call them.

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